Laboratory values mnemonics

Laboratory values medical mnemonics. This is a tough one. It is difficult to remember lab values especially if you don’t work with them on a daily base. This mnemonic I found on the web, but it looks more like a draft and I would like to fix it with your help guys. I will appreciate if you submit any lab values mnemonic and we can try to come up with a full list of mnemonics for almost all important lab values.

K+ 3.5 – 5
Ca+ 4.5.- 5
Mg 1.5-2.5
Phos 1.8-2.6
Na+ 135-145
Cl 95-105
Crt .5-1.2
BUN 10-20
PTT 60-70 or 1 ½ times higher if on Heparin
PT 11.0 – 12.5 or 2.o -3.5 times higher if on coumadin
INR 2.0-3.5 for coumadin
WBC 5-10
HCT 40
Hgb 15
pH 7.35-7.45 (40)
co2 35-35

. For me I’m going to remember:

On vacation I –
Ate 4 bananas with 5 glasses of milk, read 2 magazines about 2 fossils.
Spent $140 on Napkins and a $100 on Clear heals.
Did 15 BUN exercises and drank 1 Creatine shake .
Met, 3 Idiots , 11 Pets and 65 Hunks.

Ate 4 bananas (K+ found in bananas) with 5 glasses of milk (ca+ found in milk), read 2 magazines (magnesium) about 2 fossils (phosphorus).
Spent $140 on Napkins (Na+)and a $100 on Clear heals. (Cl)
Did 15 BUN exercises and drank 1 Creatine shake (Creatinine) .
Met, 3 Idiots (I for INR),
11 Pets ( P is for PT) and 65 Hunks. (H is for heparin’s PTT). PTT…Heparin look at the 2 TT connect them & you have an H…..Heparin
Also PTT is ~30-45 secs…~2x’s more than PT.
Then the other (PT) has to be Coumadin ~11-15 secs.



3 Comments to “Laboratory values mnemonics”

  1. Maybe some food assoications would help start the mnemonic
    creation process.
    Will have to work out the numbers associations part.

    K Kentucky
    Ca Creamy
    Mg Mash
    Phos Potatoes
    Na Natures
    Cl Choice
    Crt Cereal
    BUN Bars
    PTT Peter
    PT Pan
    INR Irish
    WBC Whiskey
    RBC Ranch
    HCT House
    Hgb Hot
    pH Pork
    co2 Chops

  2. Maybe it could be possible to assign these numbers to letters.
    a=1 b=2 c=3 d=4 e=5 f=6 g=7 h=8 i=9 j=0
    These will be used to remember the various number associations.
    All the other letters can be used as fillers. So the plus(+) will
    be the letter “p” as well as the decimal point. This is a very
    simple system.

    K+ 3.5 – 5 = Known Procedures Cannot Produce Enough Money Efficiently

    Translates into:
    K = K+
    + = Procedures
    3 = C= Cannot
    P = . =Produce
    E = 5 = Enough
    – = Minus= Money
    E = 5 = Efficiently

    There are 17 items in the list. In the past I have found the
    best way to connect mnemonics with so many items is to work around
    a theme. Like telling a crazy story of of some kind.

  3. I found this by google searching for mnemonic devices to remember
    plus and minus signs. Now the trick is to incorporate the addition
    and subtraction words into some mnemonic sentences for each of the
    items in the list. For the decimal point use the word “point”.
    Found that out from reading an article in wikipedia on piphilology.

    Brackets Blue
    Order Ovaries
    Division Disgust
    Multiplitcation My
    Addition Anal
    Subtraction Sultanas

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